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Glossy Box July 2012

So this is my first blog post, and I must say I am excited for the journey of blogging. If you aren't familiar with Glossy Box, they are a subscription service that each month sends out 5 luxury product miniatures from high-end brands. Of course most things that sound this amazing aren't free... it costs £10.00 per month plus shipping. I have been subscribed to the service for 4 months, so I've gotten 4 boxes. I have been through some rough patches with Glossy Box, being some not so good products and delayed shipping. But apart from that I love Glossy Box! Its like a little holiday each month. So here goes my review of Glossy Box July 2012.

 The box is a pale pink with their classic black logo on top
The box is nicely wrapped when you open it, note that this is  my version of what it looked like cause I had already opened it.

In my box:
Elizabeth Arden - Visible difference Skin Balancing Line. CLAIM: The Visible Difference Skin Balancing line is the ideal regime for combination skins to maintain an optimal balance of oil control, hydration and treatment. The line gently exfoliates the skin and tones it whilst moisturising. It is meant to make the skin look revitalised and healthy throughout the day. WHAT I THINK: Well lets start off by saying that Glossy Box sent this as a bonus, and I can't really argue with that, can I? Since I got the lotion sample (see below) I can use each product together, thus reaching the full potential. Though these did come in little sachets of product (which I don't like), this was a bonus. Sadly I don't have any information on this sample as there is none on the card or on the website.

Monu - Golden Glow. CLAIM:This moisturising treatment for the face and body provides a safe, natural-looking tan in just 3-5 hours. Shea butter nourishes and hydrates skin, while Vitamin E protects with its antioxidant action. Geranium and Petitgrain essential oils keep the skin smooth and supple and delivers a pleasant fragrance when applying the product. A beautiful, safe, natural tan without the sun. WHAT I THINK: Sadly a let down :'( since I have dark skin (nc45) I don't need this , so I will be giving this to my moms, who has fairer skin. Who knows she might love it! The sample I got was 30 ml and the full-size is 200ml for £23.00.
CYNOL Salon Exclusive - Enrich Colour Shampoo.  CLAIM: Enrich Colour Shampoo Gives every shade a massive shine boost as it cleans. The Formula with liquid jewel extract and protective UV filter provides diamond-like shine and helps to resist damage and fading. 30 washes later, you’ve still got 90% colour intensity that shines and shines. and HERE’S HOW WE DO IT Because we’re Clynol, we had our hairdressers and ambassadors work with us every step of the way, so you can be sure that what you’ve got in your hands will really perform – first time, every time. WHAT I THINK:          Today might be my mom's lucky day!, as she has coloured hair. Though If this promises shine, I'm all for it! The sample I got was 50ml and the full-size is 300ml for £9.35.
HD Brows - Eye and Brow Palette (available in 3 shades).  CLAIM: Eyebrow experts HD Brows have developed a handy handbag palette with four matt eyebrow colours, which can also double up as an eye shadow and eyeliner.  WHAT I THINK: Saying I was extremely excited is an understatement, though I did get it in the colour bombshell which is for blondes (I have dark brown hair), but once I looked at the colours I got over it and was able to manipulate the palette to my needs.Above are the swatches and a picture of what it looks like on(eyebrows), sorry for the lighting. For me this Palette is a must have for matte "no makeup makeup" looks, and it is good for fair to dark skin. I would re-purchase! This was a full size product priced at £19.95 each.
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics - Lip Frosting.  CLAIM: This cream gloss is perfect for all occasions. Scented in This cream gloss is perfect for all occasions. Scented in homemade pavlova, use it on your lips for a tint of colour, or dab onto cheeks for a lit-from-within glow. dab onto cheeks for a lit-from-within glow. WHAT I THINK: I had high hopes for this product, and sadly my full expectations wTeren't met. This product does give a nice glow and it looks very nice when applied to the lips, but on the cheeks I found this quite sticky, also this product has a very sweet smell which reminds me of cheap lipgloss that you'd buy for a toddler. The pigmentation wasn't really present at all, and I wouldn't consider buying this product. Above is the swatch and what it looks like on(lips & cheeks). Might I say that this was a full sized product, 15 ml for £10.00, so that there just covers the box! 

Elizabeth Arden - Visible Difference  Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15.  CLAIM: This oil-free skin balancing lotion for combination skin helps skin maintain its own ideal moisture level so it feels healthy and balanced. Clinically and dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.  WHAT I THINK: I was pleased to see this as I have combination skin (real bad).  I enjoy testing new skin care products, as you never know what might work for you or not. The sample I got is 5ml and the full-size is 50ml for £32.00 so basically one-tenth of the full size is what I received.

This month's box was a great deal, with a bonus product, and two full size ones! I would defiantly recommend that you try glossy box out, as you can just pay £10.00 for one month to try it! Glossy box also has a men's version which might be a good gift for a guy who is interested in male grooming products.

Finally I'd like to say thank you to all who took their time to read my first post! If anyone has any comments feel free to comment below! I'd love it if you'd follow me! If you have any review request go ahead an let me know, also feel free to leave any questions!


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