Friday, 23 November 2012

Bits and Bobs You Don't Own, But Should!

Trends come and go, but only the classics remain.... Here's some worthy of your wardrobe;

 Dr. Martens <3

Dr Martens are for me a part of my feet, they are such a pleasure to wear-- you don't really know what you missing until you have a pair! I have a pair in white and though it seems a risk to wear such "loud" shoes they some how seem to "own" each outfit. There are so many colours & patterns to choose from, your sure to find the one (or four) for you!  Remember, you don't have to love Grunge to own a pair.


From vintage pasts, fur has defiantly come back to the future (no movie pun intended, LOL). Fur has showed its luxe sophistication in past times, however fur has taken a military edge. In shades of cranberry to neon brights and pastels, fur has had its fair share of the rainbow. Fur no longer embodies a classic lady (well, sometimes), but  a fun risk taker! So, faux or fur real? well, unless you are for wearing scooby doo as a hat, I'd go for faux. Also the price difference is quite noticeable  between faux friendly and scooby. Fur has really taken a monster leap into the high street. Topshop, for example has a host of faux fur clothing items.  "RWAR!"


So some may disagree with tartan or plaid being a staple in your fashion diet, but I think it adds a certain regal-ness you your look. Whether its a dress or a headband it will make a statement. They are so many styles and colours to pick from. If your feeling risky you can pick n' mix your tartan colours/patterns in an outfit. Plaid can liven up any plain jane's wardrobe.  Mac even came up with a tartan themed collection a few years ago (collection art seen above). Tartan is sure to give you some prep in your look! You can even pair plaid with leather for an edgy look!

                                    STATEMENT NECKLACES !!

While they might seen a bit too chunky or clunky, statement necklaces can provide the oomph your outfit needs, These babies can take a look from day to night ! Separate collars are unique statement piece to the puzzle in your look. I recommend trying some affordable choices before you break the bank for a large piece of neck candy (YUM!).  Statement necklaces can save you the hefty price of the embellishments and still keep your look glam. These bold pieces of sweet neck candy must be worn with the attitude of a warrior princess to make the style magic work, so remember not to cower in the corner!

So this is the first of hopefully many fashion posts I would love to hear some feedback please! I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always remember to have fun and stay safe! - Olivia

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